WELCOME TO RACHANA SEEDS INDUSTRIES. We offer the largest and finest selection of quality raw and blanched peanuts, natural and hulled sesame seed emanating from saurashtra-groundnut bawl of India and also Safflower seed, and herbs and medicinal plants.

Tailor made peanuts and Custom Roasting Are Our specialties.

We meticulously process peanut keeping peanut chemistry in mind, grade peanuts tailored made to customer specifications and stringent International Standards.

We process one of the finest quality of peanuts in the world.


We always use groundnut having minimum moisture stress and we have an expertise on same as we are in the heart of Groundnut Bawl.


We are not sprinkling water on groundnut pods before shelling and keep the natural moisture of peanuts right from shelling to final packing. So our peanut never sweats during transit.


We always maintain uniform size.


We are removing (hand picking) kernels which has slight discolor -a patch of water stress which color sorter is unable to remove and only human eye is capable to do so. We have expertise in peanuts grading suitable for edible grade and further roasting. We are rolling peanuts on picking tables with continue air suction at two points and sort (hand picking) thrice for removing bad kernels which cause problems of dark patch or surface discoloration after roasting.


We prepare & grade peanuts in such a way that whole lot when grinded and tested; the result of aflatoxin should be less than permissible limit. So HPLC and passing at destination are not a problem for us.


Our main concern apart from aflatoxin is to make available our peanut to buyer’s end so that peanuts have minimum dark patches and surface discoloration after roasting. Our women workers are trained and have an expertise of picking kernels, which can cause problems after roasting.


We are capable of supplying peanuts with stringent standards also including exact mm size, aflatoxin, peroxide value …and so on.

We roast those nuts to perfection and make them available for you as roasted with red skin, blanched in whole and splits to our valued customers.

The main ingredient that RACHANA has to offer is an attitude of unconditional service to your company . . . to treat you with respect and to follow through on what is asked of us.